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Single Use Abdominal Trocar

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Single use abdominal trocar is mainly used to insert abdominal wall, establish a channel between abdominal cavity and outside, and get the surgical device into abdominal cavity through trocar sleeve to do the operation and achieve same effects as open surgery. Abdominal trocar is for single use only, sterilized by radiation when products leave the factory.

Trocar consists of sleeve and obturator. Obturator is mainly used to penetrate through the whole abdominal wall together with sleeve, and leave the sleeve on the abdominal wall. Sleeve is mainly used to facilitate various surgical devices to get into the abdominal cavity through it, so that surgeons could complete the surgery.

Trocars differ in length of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm according to the thickness of the abdominal wall. To match with surgical devices with different diameters, trocars are correspondingly designed with different diameters of 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm etc.


● Bladeless and transparent tip provides controllable insertion under endoscope during procedure.
● Separator on both tip sides separates muscle fibers without cutting during insertion. Muscle fibers close automatically during remove, less hernia occurrence after surgery.

● Integral sealing design requires less manpower during instruments insertion and extraction, easy for operation.
● Negative thread design on trocar sleeve provides optimum resistance of trocar fixation on abdominal wall .
● Double sealing design provides superior air impermeability, with less exposure of visual operative filed caused by air leakage.
● 45°of the trocar sleeve tip bevel makes it easier to drag specimen in
● Transparent tip design is easy to find the suture needle dropped in the trocar sleeve.

Code Products Description Trocar Sleeve Inner Dia. Trocar Sleeve Length
NKTL5 Single Use Abdomina Trocar, L5 5.8mm 100mm
NKTL10 Single Use Abdomina Trocar, L10 10.8mm 100mm
NKTL12 Single Use Abdomina Trocar, L12 12.8mm 100mm
K5LNKT Single Use Abdomina Trocar(2 Cannula + 1 Obturator, 5) 5.8mm 100mm
K10LNKT Single Use Abdomina Trocar(2 Cannula + 1 Obturator,10) 10.8mm 100mm
K12LNKT Single Use Abdomina Trocar(2 Cannula + 1 Obturator,12) 12.8mm 100mm
K510LNKT Single Use Abdomina Trocar(2 Cannula + 1 Obturator, 5&10) 5.8/10.8mm 100mm
K512LNKT Single Use Abdomina Trocar(2 Cannula + 1 Obturator, 5&12) 5.8/12.8mm 100mm
Integral Sealing Parts Taken specimen and suture needle out directly after removing the complete sealing part
Avoid pollution on specimen
Double Sealing Design Less manpower required during instrument insertion and extraction
Superior air impermeability
Suitable for 5~12mm instruments
Transparent Tip DesignControllable insertion under endoscope
Less damage to abdominal wall
45°of the Trocar Sleeve Tip Bevel Easier to drag specimen in
Leave more space during instruments operating
Negative Thread Design on Trocar Sleeve Negative thread design on sleeve provides optimum resistance of trocar fixation on abdominal wall
Separator on Both Tip Sides During insertion, separate muscle fibers without cutting
During remove, muscle fibers close automatically
Less hernia occurrence after surgery.

The device application video shown here is not used as a surgical skill training guide. Doctors can treat differently in different procedures, according to the actual clinical situation, their own clinical experience and use preference,

Before using this demonstrative product, please carefully read the product Instructions for Use, indications and contraindications, check the integrity of all devices and accessories in the package, and use them correctly according to the Instructions for Use, to avoid adverse consequences.