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Single Use Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler

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Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler accommodates to Ⅱ~Ⅳ internal hemorrhoids in PPH surgery, which is procedure for prolapase and hemorrhoids. The main principle is to circularly resect 15~20mm long rectal mucosa above the anus dentate line, and to do side-to-side anastomosis on mucosa at the same time. Rectal mucosa is shortened for 15~20mm, therefore the prolapsed anal cushion is pulled back into the rectal wall after side-to-side anastomosis to cure the disease. The main feature of PPH is the quick surgery, mild postoperative pain, and quick recovery, which is favored by surgeons and patients.

It has been found in recent years that the internal hemorrhoid of some patients is the accompanied symptom of obstructed defecation syndrome. Domestic and overseas anorectal surgeons use hemorrhoidal circular stapler to do Stapled Trans-anal Rectal Resection, STARR. Based on the judgement of clinical diagnosis and operative indication by surgeons, STARR could cure primary diseases of obstructed defecation syndrome, such as rectocele, intrarectal intussusception, rectal mucosal prolapse and other pathological changes on the lower rectal, which offers ideal clinical effects for both constipation and internal hemorrhoid.

According to the special demand for surgical devices in PPH and STARR, as well as the need of clinical surgeons, GoldenStapler completely modified the structure and property of Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler, which includes 18 improvements, and successfully designed new Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler that accommodates to both PPH and STARR.

For the clinical need of surgeons at domestic and international and the features of anus and rectum of human body, we developed PPH36. Compared with PPH03 in the medical device industry, the most important feature of our new product PPH36 is that cartridge housing increases by 11 times, and the diameter of anastomosis increases by 27%, making Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler of GoldenStapler the optimum product in PPH and STARR surgery for clinical colorectal surgeons.

● The open staple height is 4.5mm, appealing to the suture for rectal mucosa and whole rectal tissue in PPH and STARR surgery.
● Magnified Green Indication Window, precisely adjusting the compression on tissue.
● Precisely adjusting the staple formation height according to the thickness of tissue.
● Devices with 32mm, 34mm or 36mm outer diameter are available for the specific clinical conditions.

● Non-detachable central rod prevents the anvil falling into the coelenteron.
● Plastic cutting ring provides optimized tactical and audible responses during firing.
● Precisely controlling the compression on tissue, preventing squeezing injury due to the excessive compression on tissue.
● Transparent accessories with gap setting scales, offering clear operation guidance.
● With the safety device, firing is only allowed when the pointer is in the green window, avoiding the misfiring.
● Devices with 32mm outer diameter and 32 staples, 4 staples more than those of international brands, offering better suturing and hemostasis.

● Tissue stopper design makes the purse drag tissue into the staple housing more deeply, facilitates to cut more tissue, and provides better effect for STARR.
● Longer cartridge reload and larger staple housing, containing more tissue.
● Smooth design of the staple housing edge makes it easier to drag cutting tissue into staple housing without burrs damage during dragging.
● Non-detachable central rod design ensures parallel closure, uniform closed staple height and better suturing and hemostasis.
Code Products Description Reload Color Anvil Outer Dia. Circular Knife Dia. Staple Leg Height Staple Qty
PPHD32 Single Use Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler, D32 White 32mm 24mm 4.3mm 32
PPHD34 Single Use Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler, D34 Green 34mm 26mm 4.3mm 34
PPHD36 Single Use Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler, D36 Yellow 36mm 28mm 4.5mm 36
Longest Staple Housing, 6mm Longer than PPH03 Staple housing size is larger than PPH03 over 30%
Staple housing is able to contain much more cutting tissue
Size 32 Contains 4 more Staples than PPH03 Better suturing and hemostasis
Transparent Purse-String Suture Anoscope Optimum surgery view and position selection
Smooth Design of the Staple Housing Edge Easier to drag cutting tissue into staple housing
Avoid burrs damage during dragging
4.5mm Open Staple Height, Green Indication Window with a Gap Setting Scale Precisely adjust the compression on tissue
Controllable staple formation height between 0.8-2.0mm
Effective suturing and hemostasis
Accommodate to PPH and STARR
Plastic Cutting Ring Optimized tactical & audible responses during firing
Tissue Stopper Design 32mm lower than PPH03(4mm)
Much easier to retain more cutting tissue into staple housing
Staple housing size is 11 times larger than PPH03
Anastomotic internal diameter increased by 27%
Less Distance between Firing and Grabbing Handle Facilitate female surgeons
Silicon handle avoids slippage and maintains a great hand touch feeling
Larger Suture Thread Ports Significantly facilitate dragging cutting tissue into staple housing
Leave more space to contain the tissue
Butterfly Anal Dilator Accommodate to obese, strong hip muscle or local anesthetic patients
Non-detachable Central Rod Design One piece central rod design avoids anvil falling off
Solid anvil offers compression on tissue in parallel
Non-detachable anvil offers premium staple formation height

The device application video shown here is not used as a surgical skill training guide. Doctors can treat differently in different procedures, according to the actual clinical situation, their own clinical experience and use preference,

Before using this demonstrative product, please carefully read the product Instructions for Use, indications and contraindications, check the integrity of all devices and accessories in the package, and use them correctly according to the Instructions for Use, to avoid adverse consequences.