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Single Patient Use Transverse Cutter and Reload(Curved)

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When using total mesorectal excision technique (TME) for low anus-preserving surgery for rectal cancer, due to the small pelvic space, the surgeon needs a medical device that can reach the deep pelvic, as far away as possible from the tumor site, and traverse the distal rectum, and can provide a good surgical vision to see the operation process. The Single Patient Use Transverse Cutter and Reload developed by GoldenStapler can meet the surgeon's requirements for instruments. The curved small head occupies a small space, easier for vertical placement into deep pelvic and provides a relatively long curved cutting and stapling line; the curved inner side provides a very good surgical vision.

When firing Single Patient Use Transverse Cutter and Reload, the device release 4 rows of staples to close the distal and proximal ends of the rectum, and the cutting knife cut the rectum from the center of the 4 rows of staple lines. This approach simplifies the "double stapling technology" and does not require a right angle forceps on the proximal end and a linear stapler on the distal end of the rectum.

Great Operation Experience
● Curved small head, easy to enter deep pelvic, reaching the range of resection and reducing the cancer positive rate of perirectal ring
● Curved surface provides better surgical vision
● Intermediate position, lock the intestine that needs to be sutured, slide through, easy to adjust cutting and stapling location, reducing the positive rate of cut edge.
● Separate closing and firing handles, follow the steps, clear operation processes, prevent miss operation
● Operation control surface conforming to ergonomic mechanics design, convenient for surgeons to operate with single hand

Great Efficiency
● Curved Reload shot in width, long in curved cutting line, in this way to ensure enough effective length to cross the rectum.
● Two rows of staples on each side of the cutting knife, simultaneous cutting and stapling, reducing the operation steps of the "double stapler technology" and improving the operation efficiency
● Simple and fast operation

● When the wider gastrointestinal tissue needs multiple cutting and stapling, each fire, the stapling line on the end tissue is 4.5 mm longer than the cutting line. This ensures that the end tissue of the cutting line is fully closed and the hemostasis is great
● Tactile and auditory feedback in each step of operation, clear suggestion during operation process
● Positioning pin used to close and lock target tissue, assist parallel closure, uniform formation of all staples to achieve great stapling and hemostasis effect.
Code Products Description Reload Color Suturing Length Closed Staple Height
CCSA40G Single Patient Use Transverse Cutter & Reload, A40G Green 40mm 2.0mm
Curved Small Head, 62mm width Easier for vertical placement into deep pelvic
Provide great surgical vision
4 rows of staples released during firing, tissue in the middle to be cut
Stapling while cutting, easy and convenient
Reduce surgery processes, more effective
Curved Reload Shot in width, long in curved cutting line
Compress tissue up to 40mm
Stapling line 4.5mm longer than cutting line
Great stapling and hemostasis in cutting line’s end
Intermediate Position Easy to move the anvil to deep pelvic
Easier to adjust cutting and stapling location
Positioning Pin Close and lock target tissue, prevent tissue slippage
Assist parallel closure
Uniform B-Shape formation of all staples
Great stapling and hemostasis effect
Jaw Opening 19mm Wide Big opening, easy to put tissue inside
Separate Closing and Firing Handles Independent closing and firing processes
Prevent miss-operation
Cutting Washer Tactile and audible feedback during firing
Clear suggestion of operation process

The device application video shown here is not used as a surgical skill training guide. Doctors can treat differently in different procedures, according to the actual clinical situation, their own clinical experience and use preference,

Before using this demonstrative product, please carefully read the product Instructions for Use, indications and contraindications, check the integrity of all devices and accessories in the package, and use them correctly according to the Instructions for Use, to avoid adverse consequences.