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Single Patient Use Skin Stapler

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When skin stapler is used to close skin wound in clinic, staples are automatically bent into the shape as rectangular after penetrating through the dermis of the skin to achieve better closure effect. Staples are made of stainless steel, the closed leg length is 3.9mm, the closed crown width is 6.9mm, and the diameter of staples is 0.57mm. One skin stapler is equipped with 35 staples to satisfy the need of incision suturing in the normal surgery.

After suturing, there is no contact between the crown and the skin, leaving no chance for the appearance of scar due to the suture compression on skin when suturing. After healing, the wound sutured by staples looks much better than by sutures, which is deeply fascinated by surgeons and patients.

During removing, staples are varied from the shape of rectangular into “M” by the staple remover, and the staple leg is vertical to the skin, which minimizes the resistance to take out the staples so as to eliminate or decrease the pain of patients.

Code Products Description Closed Crown Width Closed Leg Height  Staple Qty
SSB35W Single Patient Use Skin Stapler, B35W 6.9mm 3.9mm 35+/-3
SSRM Single Patient Use Skin Stapler (Remover)
Contains 35 Staples Satisfy most surgeries of skin closure
Faster & easier to use
Ergonomic Design of Gripping Handles Require less manpower during firing
Superior holding comfortability
Rectangle Staple Formation No contact between staples & skin
No scar & no staple compression damage on skin
Perfect looking on incision after healing
Staple Remover Vary staples from rectangle shape to M shape during removing
Ensure vertically stapler removing from skin without pain

The device application video shown here is not used as a surgical skill training guide. Doctors can treat differently in different procedures, according to the actual clinical situation, their own clinical experience and use preference,

Before using this demonstrative product, please carefully read the product Instructions for Use, indications and contraindications, check the integrity of all devices and accessories in the package, and use them correctly according to the Instructions for Use, to avoid adverse consequences.