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Single Use Circular Stapler

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In the surgery of digestive tract reconstruction, surgeons use circular staplers to do end-to-end anastomosis, such as low anterior resection of the sigmoid colon rectal anastomosis; end-to-side anastomosis, such as total gastrectomy esophageal anastomosis; and side-to-side anastomosis, such as Billroth II gastrojejunostomy surgery

According to the outer diameter of stapler anvil(unit: mm), GoldenStapler provides five specifications, including 21,23,26,29,32. Compared with the similar specifications of international brands, GoldenStapler adds 23, between 21 and 26, which creates optimum inner diameter of anastomosis, offering more diameter options for surgeons in thoracic esophageal surgery.

● Control mechanical comprehension on tissue depending on the thickness of suturing tissue.
● The open leg length is 5.3 mm, suitable for the thickness of suturing tissue varied from 1 mm to 2.5 mm.
● Product can be applied to a very wide variation in thickness of the tissue, no need to choose a certain one with fixed closed staple height according to prejudgement.
● Magnified indication window makes the adjustment of staple formation height more accurate and convenient.
● The gastric tube is fixed on the gastric tube port, and will be pulled out along with the stapler after anastomosis.

● Plastic cutting ring produces good tactile and audible responses while firing.
● Silicon coated handle provides better firing control.
● Safety device ensures that the insurance can only be activated when pointer is in the green indication window in case of wrong operation.

Cost performance
● Device with adjustable staple forming height leads to less specifications of fixed staple forming height, simplifying order operations, decreasing storage space and inventory costs.
Code Products Description Reload Color Anvil Outer Dia. Circular Knife Dia. Staple Leg Height Staple Qty
CSB21 Single Use Circular Stapler, B21 Jacinth 21.4mm 13mm 5.3mm 18
CSB23 Single Use Circular Stapler, B23 Orange 23.6mm 15mm 5.3mm 18
CSB26 Single Use Circular Stapler, B26 White 25.6mm 17mm 5.3mm 20
CSB29 Single Use Circular Stapler, B29 Blue 29.0mm 20mm 5.3mm 24
CSB32 Single Use Circular Stapler, B32 Green 31.6mm 22mm 5.3mm 30
Patented Staple Cutting Technology No sticking of staples after firing,No damage to anastomosis
Double stapling technology, safer in low rectal sphincter-preserving procedure.
5.3mm Open Leg Length Staple formation height range:1.0-2.5mm
Satisfy stapling of various tissue thickness of gastroenterostomy
Thin and Flat Anvil HeadEasy to insert into enteric cavity and remove from anastomosis
Avoid damage to intestinal wall and anastomosis
Short Distance between Firing and Grabbing HandlesLess firing strength required
Easy firing, suitable for both male & female surgeons
Silicon Coated Handle Ergonomic design of great hand touch feeling
5 Different Sizes Establish the most appropriate anastomosis
Allow for various gastroenterostomy
Conjoined TrocarSimplify surgical procedures
Facilitate the lower anterior resection
Plastic Cutting Ring Tactile & audible responses
Indication of safe firing sequence completion
Magnified Green Indication Window with a Gap Setting Scale The movement range of the anvil head to the body is 20% of the pointer movement
Controllable tissue compression and staple formation height
Effectively achieve suturing & hemostasis purposes
Reverse Conjoined Trocar Applicable for double stapling technique
Gastric Tube Port Gastric tube fixed on the port before anastomosis
Gastric tube pulled out together with the circular stapler after anastomosis
Simplified surgical procedure, reduced surgical duration
  • Double Stapling Technology & Observation on the Internal Surface of Anastomotic Stoma
  • End-to-side anastomosis with Circular Stapler

The device application video shown here is not used as a surgical skill training guide. Doctors can treat differently in different procedures, according to the actual clinical situation, their own clinical experience and use preference,

Before using this demonstrative product, please carefully read the product Instructions for Use, indications and contraindications, check the integrity of all devices and accessories in the package, and use them correctly according to the Instructions for Use, to avoid adverse consequences.