Advancing Surgical Technology to Benefit More People

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Creative & Elaborate Design, Meticulous Manufacture

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Total quality management

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Precision Surgery,Quick Recovery & Reliable Outcome

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Golden Stapler Surgical Co., Ltd., is a Sino-foreign joint venture company, established in 2008 in Changzhou city. In 2013, GoldenStapler completed reorganization, entirely upgraded development strategy and established new vision and mission. GoldenStapler dedicates itself to provide optimal surgical staplers and minimally invasive surgical instruments world-widely and determines to become a reliable brand for surgeons. Famous venture companies invested abundant capital in the company, fully promoting series of prospective strategies.
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    Global patient access to healthcare service of GoldenStapler products

  • Every2.45minutes

    There is one patient in the world receiving the healthcare service of GoldenStapler products.

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    New organizational structure, management team, quality policy, product strategy and customer service

Minimally invasive surgical instruments

Minimally invasive surgery uses modern surgical equipment and instruments, such as laparoscopy and thoracoscopy, to operate minimally invasive surgery, to achieve or exceed the purpose of open surgery. High quality minimally invasive surgical instruments and surgical services make small trauma, less pain and fast recovery come true.

Open surgical instruments

GoldenStapler upgraded products in an all-round way, successively launched new designed Circular Stapler, Linear Cutter, Linear Stapler, Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler, Skin Stapler, Endo Cutter, Abdominal Trocar, Transverse Cutter.etc. The product quality has reached or exceeded the international brand level.

Advancing Surgical Technology to Benefit More People

Introduce senior enterprise management elites, senior R&D engineers, medical professional education experts, production quality management experts. etc., to improve product innovation, quality control and service quality capability.
  • Core team Experienced team with expertise and global view
  • Professional equipment Efficient operation process, lean production management
  • Quality Assurance Fully implement the policy of "Total Quality Management"