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Welcome to visit GoldenStapler Arab Health 2021 online Exhibition

Author: Golden Stapler / View: 2148 times / Publish time: 2021-06-04

GoldenStapler is attending Arab Health 2021 online Exhibition. The Arab Health 2021 online Exhibition will be held from 23 May - 22 July of 2021.

Welcome to visit our online exhibition booth through any of the links as follow,



During the online exhibition period, GoldenStapler will display our high quality of Disposable, Single Use or Single patient use Endo cutter, Endoscopic cutter, Endoscopic linear cutter, Surgical Stapler, Surgical stapling, Circular Stapler, Endoscopic Stapler, Disposable stapler, Linear cutter, Hemorrhoidal stapler, Endo cutter stapler, Endoscopic cutter stapler, Transverse cutter, Linear stapler, Fascial Closure System, Retrieval bags, abdomical trocar, Skin stapler, Curved cutter, Disposable stapler and reloads/cartridge.etc.

The live exhibition will be held from 21 June - 24 June of 2021, but GoldenStapler will not attend it this year due to the Covid-19.

Hope we will have good communication for the surgical stapler business.

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From: Golden Stapler