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GoldenStapler joined in TheMedical Equipment of Southeast Asia online Matching Meeting 2021

Author: Golden Stapler / View: 748 times / Publish time: 2021-06-04

GoldenStapler joined in The Medical Equipment of Southeast Asia online Matching Meeting 2021 from 1st to 4th June of 2021, which is sponsored by Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province. GoldenStapler had great chance to have business discussion with many potential customers/distributors from Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines. etc.

During the Matching Meeting period, GoldenStapler displayed it’s high quality of Disposable, Single Use or Single patient use Endo cutter, Endoscopic cutter, Endoscopic linear cutter, Surgical Stapler, Surgical stapling, Circular Stapler, Endoscopic Stapler, Disposable stapler, Linear cutter, Hemorrhoidal stapler, Endo cutter stapler, Endoscopic cutter stapler, Transverse cutter, Linear stapler, Fascial Closure System, Retrieval bags, abdomical trocar, Skin stapler, Curved cutter, Disposable stapler and reloads/cartridge.etc.

The potential customers/distributors showed highly interesting to Golden Stapler’s surgical stapler products and acknowledge it’s performance. GoldenStapler had good communication with them for the surgical stapler business.

If you are also interested to GoldenStapler’s surgical stapler products, welcome to browse the website: for more information.Matching MeetingMatching Meeting3Matching Meeting2

From: Golden Stapler